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Neighborhood News & Newsletter

April 8, 2008 Flooding and School Bus Incident

March 18, 2008 Flooding and Sluice Gate Install

December 2007 Ice Storm

Autumn Scenes from Around the Neighborhood, 2007

Photos from 2007 Fourth of July Parade

Darrell & Barbara Mullins Make Tulsa World Southside Edition!
Click here for PDF Version

Photos of flooding on June 27, 2007 by David Cook

June/July Bixby Homeowner Association Notes

Photos of flooding on May 7, 2007 by David Cook


Southwood Makes Page 1!

Southwood First Annual Meeting Flyer - June 7, 2007


Archive Of Old Home Page News

 Fourth of July

Regrettably, we no longer have anyone to organize what had almost become our annual Fourth of July Parade. So for nostalgia's stake, below are the photos from the the 2007 parade.


Is someone willing to organize a 2009 parade???


Click here for more photos

Update from City of Bixby

A residential fireworks license may be obtained by adults at City Hall for the use of fireworks for the 4th of July Holiday. Fee is $20.00 and permits are available from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm through Thursday, July 3rd. A copy of Ordinance No. 996 will be provided to those purchasing permits.


Update from City of Bixby

The December ice storm residential debris removal program by Tulsa County and City of Bixby crews has initially been completed and Tulsa County crews should be finishing areas of arterial streets and roads in and around Bixby within the next two weeks.

All residents with any debris from recent thunderstorms will need to make arrangements for transporting their debris to the free disposal site on 151st Street near Lewis Avenue before the site is closed to Bixby residents on Tuesday, July 15th. Small amounts of limbs and twigs may be clipped and bagged for removal by your local trash disposal service. Contact your trash disposal service for additional information regarding size, weights, and amounts.

The timber and tree debris disposal site will be closed this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in observance of the 4th of July holiday.

Beginning Monday, July 7th, the disposal site will be open to Bixby residents Monday through Friday 8:00 am until 5:00 pm and closed on Saturdays and Sundays. These hours will remain in effect through Tuesday, July 15th, when the site will be closed to the public.

After July 15th it will be the responsibility of residents to have debris removed to optional sites such as the Quarry Landfill in Tulsa which charge a fee for entry. The Quarry Landfill may be contacted for hours of operation at 439-7835.

SNA Brainstorming Session April 24th

The SNA Board, would like to hear from you and discuss our future goals!
It's been about 1 year since the neighborhood gathered together and decided to re-start the Association.  The first year's efforts have mainly been getting organized with the Bylaws and Incorporation, but we also worked on storm water issues and the ice storm debris clean up.  Now we're looking to the future and want your input as to where we put effort this next year, (besides continued storm water issues) and most importantly, how do we keep membership and involvement up.
The North Heights Church of Christ (11710 S. Memorial) has once again agreed to host our meeting.  We hope to see you there on April 24th, at 7:00.  Light refreshments (like punch and cookies) will be provided for you.
Please contact any Board Member if you have any questions, or to provide your ideas to us if you are unable to attend. Click on the envelope to the right.
We Hope to See You on the 24th!

Carol Judd, President
Jerry Rodgers Vice-President
Russ Fischer, Secretary
Roger Roth, Treasurer

Southwood again in news!

The newly installed sluice gate at 90th E. Ave. was not enough to handle the rain on the morning of April 8, resulting in extensive flooding again, as well as a school bus washed off the road. Click here for more photos. All the television stations in Tulsa were on the scene.

According to our neighbor Russ Fisher the sluice gate is set so that it allows flows that would fill the downstream channel without topping the banks. The problem April 8 was that the storm event overwhelmed what little additional protection the gate gives us. Once the gate makes water back up in the detention pond to about 5' deep at the structure, it hits the next opening in the structure, and then there's very little detention anymore. The sluice gate was not a fix to the problem, it was meant to detain the runoff peak a little more, but we'd still have problems in a heavy event. We need to keep working as a neighborhood with the Schall's and Mullins' to keep Bixby involved with a permanent fix.

2008 Flooding Update

We again experienced flooding on March 18, 2008. But finally on March 26, a sluice gate was installed on detention pond near 90th East. Ave. and successfully prevented flooding during the next rain. Click here for photos of this flood.

However, the gate was LEFT OPEN during the rain on April 7/8, resulting in extensive flooding and a school bus washed off the road.

Final Ice Storm Update


Click here for information on the December 2007 ice storm, and photos by David Cook and John Kennington of the ice storm damage and clean up.

Click here for more Autumn 2007 scenes
from around our neighborhood


2007 Fourth of July Parade

The second annual Southwood Fourth of July parade was bigger and better than ever! Click here for more photos

Darrell & Barbara Mullins Make Tulsa World Southside Edition!

Click here for link to Tulsa World.
Click here for PDF file of article.

New Photos of June 27, 2007 Flooding!

Southwood Flooding Update

Darrell & Barbara Mullins, who live near 90th E. Ave. and 113th, spoke to the Bixby City Council on June 25th concerning the flooding problems that occur in that area. A number of our neighbors supported the Mullins family at the meeting. Although the council was reluctant to commit funds or a date for remedial action on the flooding south of the Oliphant Retention Pond, they did recommend that this issue warrants additional engineering attention with a concerted effort to identify costs and sources of revenue to implement corrective action. SNA will keep this item fresh on the council's agenda in order for this to happen in a timely manner.

David Cook has again documented the flooding that occurred on June 26/27, as well as the May 7 flooding.

Bixby City Council Election

The City of Bixby will be holding a general election on April 7th, 2009 to fill City Council vacancies. The election will be held to elect representatives from Wards 1 and 2. Our Southwood Neighborhood has sections in each of these wards. Scroll down for maps showing the ward boundaries.

The Bixby City Council is a non-partisan election, and the SNA board has was decided to endorse Tom Daniels for the Ward 2 and Carol Judd for the Ward 1 City Council positions. Both of these men have been effective spokesmen for our neighborhood, and will represent the needs of homeowners.

Please note Carol Judd's announcement of his resignation from the SNA board below.

Carol Judd has been president of our neighborhood association since its founding several years ago, and has been an effective voice for our neighborhood with the city, working especially hard on our flooding problem, the ice storm aftermath and attempts to rezone areas of the neighborhood. The current Ward 1 Councilor has appeared to not be concerned with the needs of neighborhoods such as ours.

Tom Daniels is the incumbent Ward 2 Councilor, and has done an outstanding job and deserves to be re-elected. He has been a voice on the Council for our neighborhood to get something done about flooding, voting to have the city provide pickup of the ice storm debris, and fighting attempts to rezone areas of the neighborhood as commercial property.

Please be sure to get out and vote for these two fine men to represent us on the Bixby City Council.

For more information on Tom, Carol and the other candidates, please visit the City's Election Page, which has questionnaires each candidate has filled out.

City Council Wards 1 & 2 Tulsa County Voting Precincts

Carol Judd Resigns from SNA Board

Date: February 6, 2009
To: The SNA Board of Directors, and the members of SNA

I have decided to campaign for the Ward 1 Council Position that will be filled this spring. This decision creates a conflict with our Charter and the IRS requirements for a non-profit organization. Thus, I hereby resign the office of President of the Southwood Homeowners Association, SNA effective February 5th, Thursday at 8:00 pm. I wish to thank SNA members and my fellow board members for all of their support during the past year and a half. We have tackled some tough and persistent issues confronting home owners in our subdivision. I hope to continuing our efforts to improve our neighborhoods and protect them from further damage associated with growth and development along the Memorial Corridor.


Carol Judd

In light of Carol's resignation, Jerry Rodgers has become president, and the vice-president position if currently vacant.